About Us

Meet The Owners

Who is Elle?

Laura ‘Chef Elle’ Daniels is the executive chef and managing partner at Trees of the Sea. She is also CEO at ByElle, her culinary business and brand specializing in Healthy Comfort cuisine and living. Elle has over 22 solid years of experience in the culinary industry as a kitchen manager, chef de cuisine, chef instructor and caterer. Although Elle cooks American favorites with a healthy twist, Asian and Caribbean cuisines are also her specialties.

“Food is love on a plate.” This is Elle’s motto. Elle is passionate about creating food that is comforting yet clean, fresh and nutritious. “Sea Moss was an easy transition for me. It (sea moss) provides a blank canvas that I get to be very creative and free with. That's all I need to be great. 

Contact Information

Email: ellefoodanddrink@gmail.com


Who is Ms. Ty?


Ty Powell is a Published Author, and  Producer, who owns and operates Typo Entertainment. Ms. Powell is a managing partner of Tree's of The Sea. Being a foodie and always striving for a healthy lifestyle is the catalyst for Ty to be a candidate to contribute to the Health Food industry. Ms. Powell has always had an affinity for Sea Moss since growing up drinking it, which  affirmed her belief in its many benefits.  Ty has been in the Entertainment industry for a bit over two decades and is an expert in film production, and events. Although Tree's of the Sea is a new venture and territory for Ty, she is able to apply her business acumen and experience to maximize the company to exponential growth.